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Alleviate pressure chooses use too much force to nod 22 advisory division to hel
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Intermediary says outside, chinese player dreams to be a country determination of win honour for is big, also face not little pressure at the same time, alleviate currently the main assignment that pressure also becomes the players on athletic competition ground.
This report says, chinese number audience expected to shoot player Du Li to be contended for for the country yesterday a gold, but because pressure is too great, du Li is on competition ground with gold just miss the opportunity, olympic Games champion is tearful in former days say, be in advocate field match because pressure reason, oneself did not get ready adequately.
On this second Beijing Olympic Games, chinese team is determined to seize each opportunity that seize gold, with this and team of United States of the powerful nation that seize gold one definitely relative superiority or inferiority. China already increased investment in athletic psychology respect, but psychologist says, because Bencibi surpasses the honor that deprives gold and country to Chinese player and proud and close connection, pressure of the player on competition ground also can understand greatly. Yesterday, fire drill Wang Yifu holds urgent meeting, requirement players alleviate psychological pressure, such ability are a country to carry off on fire project more gold.
In the past in a few months, system of Chinese country sports had built a psychology to seek advice from a website to loosen a method in order to introduce the cure on the net and relevant psychology. National sports bureau already offerred gem gal training for players, hear music, watch aspire movie, read the method such as relevant book to help a player alleviate pressure.
All along of Chinese army group is well-trained, the coach asks strictly to team member, again this Olympic Games match is in together with China, domestic player more desperately, aeriform middling pressure power is great. What psychology adjusts is the biggest this year block up is a such words actually: You can make 1.3 billion person disappointed. So Chinese athlete hopes not to lose popular confidence, hold a gold in both hands for the country, some of player can think win silver medal even also is a kind of failure.
This year the test of Beijing is surpassed on, chinese gymnastic player is developed not beautiful, having some of fault even is impossible in foreign match to happen. Professor Zhang of Beijing sports university says, players need now sober, regarding this match as is life is itinerary begin or end, and because regard a phase as. Psychologist proposal, the coach should be timely encourage an athlete, although expression is endless and perfect,also should sum up experience from each respect, serious analysis, had done the communication with the player to communicate the job.
In Benciao carry is met on, china already expedited psychology of 22 professional sport to seek advice from division to help an athlete balance state of mind, in addition still 50 serve to 60 psychologist at Olympic Games team. Players can get online to seek advice or make an appointment ahead of schedule through advisory division of phone and psychology, and in fact, with psychological division face-to-face advisory circumstance is a few morer. (Ni Su)
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