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Uncover secret why tense meeting collywobbles
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According to Japan " Sino-Japanese news " the website reports 14 days, abdominal pain can produce when certain person is nervous even diarrhoea phenomenon, because be below motorial stimulation,be, the muscle inside bowel is acuteness and contractive. Nevertheless up to now, people knows insecurity and pressure can produce such consequence only, but the specific mechanism that causes muscle systole to them is not clear.
Japanese Qi mounds the research group that college professor Xiaosenchengyi heads discovers through research, muscle cell surface has one to plant the name is " Channel " molecular construction content, people insecurity or when feeling pressure, content of construction of this kind of element is activationed, bring about a large number of calcic ion inside body to wait constructing through this kind of element electric current of the generation when content, stimulation is motorial, cause systole of the muscle inside bowel thereby.
Professor Xiaosenchengyi says, the crucial matter that considers carefully to cause the muscle inside bowel to contract -- " Channel " molecular construction content and its distributing mediumly in other viscera, will conduce to development new drug, prevent the abdominal pain that before the student takes an exam, appears because of insecurity.