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Crisis of the psychology after expert detailed sees disaster saves oneself
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Crisis of the psychology after shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River leaves detailed of psychological shadow expert to see disaster to a lot of people " save oneself "
"The body of 300 children piles in the school. We are in nearby camp, dream of gone children to stand up to walk over toward me entirely in the evening... " a hand that participates in rescuing soldier to shedding a tear to capture expert of psychological rescuing team is being recounted. The reality with straight the brutallest face, the exercise of excess load, make a lot of rescuing team member people psychology forces gradually to the limit. Save Qiu of Chen Da of expert of quiet hospital psychology to say, it is stricken be hit by a natural adversity victim not only, the person that just experienced a cataclysm even and come to help without what injure actually, volunteer, reporter and the people that paying close attention to disaster area circumstance all the time however without spot of close all previous, mentally experienced big " earthquake " , they need psychological crisis interpose likewise.
The reporter comes back to appear from disaster area the mood is fretted wait for a symptom
"I am slept lightly by nightmare in the evening everyday almost, I dream of those gone old and young to walk over toward me entirely... " a reporter that interviews 10 days in disaster area a gleam of continuously says Hainan, after coming back a few days short in, his heart is sufferring torment all the time, the mood is fretted, in succession sleeps a few days to be not worn become aware, body and mind is very tired out. Family and colleague try to communicate with him, think out to help him abreact inner mood, but he does not wish to talk from beginning to end however, become tacit.
Similar symptom appears on a female reporter body that comes back from disaster area a gleam of. She says, those horrible pictures perform seismic disaster area repeatedly in the brain in her, of brandish do not go, the town that suffer misery and stricken be hit by a natural adversity person in the dream that the sound of ask for help of shout oneself hoarse always can appear in her, make her wind hair close, anguish can'ts bear, appear thereby depressed, sentiment is low, little the negative sentiment such as language.
Chen Da Qiu says psychological expert, because body and mind is exceeding and fatigue,participate in the reporter of aseismatic report providing disaster relief, rest to be not worth with Morpheus, on meeting generation physiology unwell feeling, for example diarrhoea, dizzy, stomach-ache, insecurity. And of the miserable intense of disaster area and deliverance but, also can make their heart short-term inside get great damage. For instance some people can be in a kind to fear, sadness, indignant, helpless feeling, Babylon feeling in the mood condition that wait, become nightmare, insomnia. Also need to accept a help to feel awkwardness, embarrassed to oneself. Some meetings disposition changes greatly, not talktive, lose trustful sense. These are psychology breaks down the omen of feeling and expression.
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