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The biological clock that does not let you steps on wrong place
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According to China International inferior the data that seminar of healthy science gain publishs, at present Chinese 15% it is healthy person, 15% it is a patient, and amount to 70% belong to inferior healthy person. Alleged " inferior healthy " it is to be in health (the first condition) with the disease (the 2nd condition) transfer one kind between condition, it is from health a kind of quantitative change to the disease arrives the preparative phase of qualitative change, world Health Organization (WHO) call his " the 3rd condition " , home often says for " inferior health " .
Be in clinical on, many person that see a doctor recount so: Bosom frowsty, heart-throb, insomnia, irritating, memory drops etc, after but pass each lab to reach,assisting an examination, everything is normal. This just is adumbrative person that see a doctor already was immersed in stage by stage " inferior healthy " lair.
Before Russia is famous Bafuluofu has the physiologist a logion: "In human airframe activity, have power more than rhythm without any. " " rhythm " namely the normal movement of biological clock, have Zhang Youchi namely, have Lao Youyi, measurable work and rest just is the mother of health. Human body biological clock runs normally is health assures, and biological clock " wrong place " namely inferior begin healthily.
A large number of medicine consider to make clear: Cause inferior healthy reason is many sided, if excessive exhaustion causes energy, physical strength to overdraw, make human performance is in excess load condition; The nature of human body is anile; Disease of heart head blood-vessel, tumor and other are chronic the early days of the disease; Convalescence with operation hind rehabilitation period appears a variety of unwell; The low ebb period in cycle of human body biology. Among them exhaustion is inferior a healthy kind of the commonnest expression, also be one of main factors that cause a disease, it is the source of 10 thousand disease.
In the current society of fast rhythm, the disease already was the patent of old people no longer, 30-40 year old in because the youth manages society and household personally under double pressure, overdraw for a long time healthy, become the victim of disease of heart head blood-vessel possibly also. The data makes clear, there is 1/6 about in the crowd of overfatigue easy happening disease of system of heart head blood-vessel. In each inpatient department of large hospital, often can see 40 years old of the following cardiac muscle straighten dead to reach cerebral block patient. Even social pillar flower year the example of sudden death appears in the newspaper repeatedly upright. Of these senile sex diseases young change, just about " inferior health " the penalty to the mankind.
However as a result of inferior one of the successive process that health is in health and disease special phase, "Inferior health " it is completely OK that the body and mind that passes ego adjusts Xiang Jiankang changes. Of course, if treat sth lightly, the disease followings sb's heels and come, die young even. Prevention and cure inferior healthy key depends on be being diagnosed early discovery, early, early treatment. " the classics inside Huang Di " have: "The sage is not treated ill already treat not ill, husband disease already was become after that of medicine, already became what treat after that in disorder, example still thirsty and wear a well, fight and casting arms, not Yi Wan? " this shows, our ancestor arrives with respect to cognizant treat a disease to answer nip in the bud.
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