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Canadian psychologist says good intention affection is helpful for producing cre
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If you prepare to hold informal discussion of storm of a brains, you need to develop creativity thinking, so what right now you need most perhaps is the music that hears a few hearten letting a person. The research positive result that Canadian psychologist releases 18 days shows, openly mood is helpful for producing creativity, but go against detail of thorough experience and observe.
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Devote oneself to to discuss a mood how to affect the Canadian researcher of people psychology process to discover, good intention affection can strengthen transverse thinking or do away with calm situation thinking.
Contrary, fulfilling a need preoccupied when the task at detail, penetrability perspective and fear and angst union rise to perhaps have the effect more.
The paper that discovers about this one research publishs in the United States " journal of national academy of sciences " on. Paper author is Anderson of · of Adam of professor of assistant of psychology of Canadian Toronto university. He points out, although still ambiguous to immanent action mechanism, but this one phenomenon perhaps is concerned with process of treatment of mood influence information.
"We think immanent action mechanism is had alternative, namely the way that people chooses information, " when Anderson accepts Afp reporter 18 days to interview, say, "If spotlight of attention assimilate to, so openly mood will expand the limits of spotlight, and meeting firmly lock decides negative sentiment the target of spotlight. And meeting firmly lock decides negative sentiment the target of spotlight..
Check with the experiment
Assume for theory of test and verify, anderson is research target with 24 undergraduates volunteer, check them to complete the condition of different job below different mood condition.
The volunteer is appointed to finish two jobs, among them one of it is to solve creativity problem, the term that needs extraordinary associates, and another is visual task, need volunteer oversight is other and disturbed the information of the line of sight.
The volunteer is in respectively the front, negative with neuter condition of 3 kinds of moods leaves executive job. Researcher passes musical set mood: Broadcast Bach " concerto of cloth Lan Dengbao " jazz edition, arouse the front cheerful mood; Middling speed broadcasts Puluokefeiyefu " Alexander · Niefusiji " medium music eye, establish negative sentiment; And neuter mood, narrate a few facts about Canada and statistical data to build atmosphere by researcher.
The test shows as a result, of openly mood individual behave weller in the term that finish associates or solving problem task, but openly mood also was weakened individual the expression in visual exam, because be compared with negative sentiment photograph, individual be dispersed more easily in openly mood condition by the detail all round attention.

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