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Uncover measure lie appearance closely: The result also can make mistake cannot
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Measure a lie basic principle
Basically have 3: It is " would rather dropt a hellion, also cannot treat unjustly a good person " . "Dropt a hellion " just made a mistake, namely dropt a hellion; And " treat unjustly a good person " mean made two mistakes, treated unjustly good person already let slip hellion. 2 it is freewill test. The person that be measured should accept the test that measure a lie of one's own accord, cannot force, special situation is exceptional. 3 it is the technical method that the fixed position that measure a lie investigates for crime, use at identifying innocent and guilty, offer investigation way, seek guilty testimony, run case service to investigate.
The technology that measure a lie starts in our country later, but development is very rapid. Make full use of measure of this one modern technology hits crime, already had successful practice; In the meantime, to measuring the deviation that lie conclusion may appear, and be opposite from this the misdirect of the case, also must have sufficient vigilance --
Jin Huijun, guard of railroad passenger train is senior. In September 2000, he discovers suspect of major theft case on train, do not capture however, advantage of collection of after the event expends 25 thousand yuan. When Dalian railroad carries a procuratorate to investigate, with Jin Huijun 3 of collude old enemies explained details of a case, jin Huijun holds to from beginning to end however " I am blameless " . Handle a case person and connection of Dalian city procuratorate, undertake measuring a lie to Jin Huijun and 3 old enemies. 4 reports that measure a lie show only Jin Huijun said a lie, this handles a case sturdily the person's confidence. Final, before strong evidence, jin Huijun is low first, with taking bribes the blame is sentenced set term of imprisonment 3 years.
2000, dalian city procuratorate purchases instrument of psychology of a many parameter, psychology checks technical work to begin to start. To July 2007, this courtyard applies psychology to check an instrument in nearly 400 case, 678 person-time are checked, among them Jin Huijun takes bribes case be judged to be Liaoning to save 2006 year case of 10 big high-quality goods.
Psychology of i.e. of the technology that measure a lie tests a technology, be applied in great quantities by world each country among investigation crime. Abroad applies the appearance that measure a lie to detect a case to already had 100 old histories, and our country go up oneself 90 time begin the century instrument of psychology of development much parameter, investigate interrogatory medium applying in the case stage by stage this one technology. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Technical Division of procuratorial work of top people procuratorate, according to concerning personage introduction, apply the technology that measure a lie to investigate and deal with sb the post commits a crime to the case already was known by people gradually and be accepted, the technology that measure a lie is investigated in functionary crime case in producing mainer and mainer effect.
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