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Cope with 10 kinds of depressed food
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World Health Organization once pointed out, prospective mankind will get the menace of 3 big chronic illnesses, it is cancer, heart disease and depressed disease respectively. And some food conduce to however maintain psychology to balance, make you become the mood is optimistic. Because of the material that they contain, have combat depressed effect.
Fish of ⒈ deep water
Consider to show, the whole world lives in the person of the seaside to compare joy and health. Because the sea makes person mind clear,enrage bright not only, basically be they regard the fish as most staple food, no matter be the research of Finland, England, United States,discovered same result. The research report of haing Buddha university points out, a kind of fatty acid in fish oil can block breaks nerve to conduct method, the exudation that adds serum element is measured, make psychological angst of the person is reduced.
⒉ banana
Banana contains a kind of alkaloid, can hearten spirit and raise hope. And the super origin that banana is lubricious amine acid and vitamin B6, these can help cerebrum make serum element, reduce the case that produces melancholy.
⒊ grapefruit
Grapefruit not only have full-bodied sweet smell, can purify multifarious feeling more, OK also and life-giving wake head. Measure vitamin C high as to what grapefruit place contains, can maintain the chroma of red blood cell not only, make the body has resistance, and vitamin C also can be fought pressure. The most important is, making much cling to amine, when adrenalin, vitamin C is one of important part.
⒋ spinach
Spinach is divided outside containing a large number of iron to pledge, have the folic acid that human body place needs more. If human body lacks folic acid to be able to cause mental disease, include depressed disease and early old sex gawkish etc. Consider to also discover, those cannot shoot the person of enough folic acid, after 5 months, cannot fall asleep, arise forgetful wait for a symptom with angst. Researcher inference, the serum element in lacking folic acid to be able to bring about a head decreases, cause depressed disease to appear.
⒌ cherry
The United States rests closely the research discovery of an university, there is a kind of material that calls cyanine element in cherry, can reduce inflammation. Additionally the report points out, the person that faces computer job for a long time can have have a headache, the defect such as muscle ache, also can improve a condition through eating cherry.
⒍ garlic
Germany is aimed at the garlic research to the effect of cholesterol, the questionnaire that answers from the patient discovers, after they ate garlic, the feeling is not quite tired, do not be angry not angst, easily.
⒎ pumpkin
Pumpkin can create good intention situation, because they contain a lot ofvitamin B6 and iron,be, these two kinds of nutriment can help the blood sugar change that body place stores become dextrose, dextrose is the fuel that cerebral ministry place needs.
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