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Investigation discovers middle-level cadre contracts psychological disease the m
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Material cannot satisfy personnel of interior demand, middle-level eruptive disease may be the biggest... recently, federation of trade unions of Min travel region is as long as the investigation of state of worker mental health with much half an year gives heat, the report shows: Be investigated level of worker profession pressure and level of human relation anxiety are general taller, many worker existence compare serious psychology problem, had brought about working enthusiasm, creativity, work efficiency, outstanding achievement and client service quality to drop from this.
Be aimed at this one current situation, federation of trade unions of Min travel region was started since last year " the worker assists a project (EAP) " , push happy manage to groom in the round cure works. Data shows: Already began at present " the worker assists a project " the psychological bear of company worker, apparent under average level.
Material cannot satisfy psychology
Federation of trade unions of Min travel region is as long as the big investigation of state of worker mental health with much half an year ends recently, share 22 foreign traders 3460 workers accepted the unit such as solely invested, private enterprise, government organization to investigate. The Xiaocong that pursues engineering design in foreign capital is among them one of.
Small Cong Jin is 26 year years old, lunar income 6000 yuan. He tells a reporter, be in this, income of every months makes outstanding achievement couple with labour, do morer, pay is more. Not long ago, he just bought a house in environs, should return every months 3000 multivariate loan, for this he often works overtime, work every week 50 hours above, day Morpheus time is not worth 8 hours.
Long the working status of high strenth, let his mood form smoke into smother, the mood is low do not say, what to see return not pleasing to the eye. The boss is afraid of Xiaocong to find new job, increased wage to him last month, dan Xiaocong did not feel pleasurable accordingly, contrary, the actuating pressure after increasing wage is greater, pure corporeal award already cannot satisfy the requirement of his heart.
The in investigating a visit Xiaocong that in Min Hang region federation of trade unions undertakes expresses, he is the most conceivable now the opportunity of preferment, but what this should wait 5 years is long. Can compare others to cannot compare the mentation with poor other people very much only, a bowstring in letting his head stretchs tight closer more from beginning to end.
Be immersed in mood low ebb insecurity of ground of disgusting, vomiting, for no reason at all, for a long time period, manic and disturbed or or is downhearted... investigation shows: Be in white-collar, be in so for a long time experience what the psychology of listless and so on perplexes pressure of take office field, profession inferior the person of health is increasing. The expert points out, build the psychological problem of the special industry worker such as chemical industry, the likelihood causes a harm to society and environment; The psychological problem that manages a layer brings about decision-making error possibly to give economic society tune of development, society stability brings negative effect.
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