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Research discovery is angry to be able to last to healthy influence a week
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Before " wrap around head person " wife Mi Ersi of Maikateni needs · of band member Paul to come down calmly, the person of those easy be angry also needed to come down calmly: On TV station of MTV of good 贕 of  of awl of  of Zheng of ⑾ of cattail Ъ drag cry to shout to make her health is in possibly greatly get one week later adverse effect. Such influence can happen on someone else body likewise.
Newest research shows, the person lifts in the blood pressure when anger, additional, the thing that quarrel remembers after 7 days, blood pressure still can lift. Mix in anger be hostile to notch in the test the time that tall volunteer has arteriosclerosis is earlier. A kind of explanation is, pressure hormone makes vasomotor, raise high blood pressure, make the heartbeat is quickened. The scientist thinks previously, these influences are met as fury disappear and disappear quickly. But look now, the circumstance is not such. "If the heart and vessels answered cardiovascular system to cause instead,damage, so, after the element that creates pressure is disappearing, inside a paragraph of longer time, the body still is met fall victim. The body still is met fall victim..