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Spain studies discovery is gluttonous is feel to seek psychology to satisfy
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Spain " every phenomenon " monthly magazine reports recently, a research of Spanish anorexia disease and center of guzzle disease prevention and cure shows as a result, the person is incontinent the ground is gluttonous either because of hungry be caused by, what go up to seek physiology however is cheerful the contented feeling with mentally.
The report says, pursuit is delicate enjoy or the play knife and fork that psychological reason causes and carouse behavior was brought up today Spain the fatso of 40% .
Now, freezer gains ground in the family, the dimensions of the supermarket enlarged one times. Spanish Sa pulls hospital of dagger Sa city the explanation says psycho doctor Peideluo Mannuaier: "The common practice that takes the sea to drink why is abet accessary target of food, having a thing namely is not to live, however to seek cheerful. However to seek cheerful..
The report says, normally new student the first food eats in the bosom of maternal warmth, when hungry feeling disappears, the baby can be experienced great and cheerful, this kind cheerful the appreciate with maternal warmth and the food taste that remain to go up in the tip of the tongue and tactile connection are together, then food and enjoyment feeling stay forever in memory.
Recently, the scientist began new research, in order to discern the distinction between hungry feeling and appetite. The generation of hungry feeling is to safeguard lives individually, appetite can be defined to eat and drink food until feel contented, and of dietary disease causing an element at all should be to be similar to longing and painful and same affection factor. Because seek cheerful account, the doctor rejects to be guzzle disease classify dietary disease, although they also are in hard,avoid guzzle disease to cause harm to human body health.
The scientist hopes to find responsible people to go up in table bed protein, this respect considers to already had progress greatly now. Researcher discovers these protein cent are two kinds, one kind stimulates the person's appetite, another kind is deferred eat and drink the process is balanced adipose store for a long time.
But why can when people wants to have a thing, you choose to take delicious cake, candy is a fruit? According to research, the person loves to eat saline taste food or dairy produce below truly hungry condition, favore sweetmeat below sadness and angst condition.
The United States rests closely Kent Beiliji says root university psychologist: "Depressed meeting stimulates the hormone mechanism in cerebrum, make people excessive eat and drink. " the experiment shows, the adrenocorticotro of large to mice inject dose releases factor (concern with depressed disease) can make mice right the hobby of candy enhances 3 times. In addition, can abate person is opposite the adrenocorticotro in cerebrum alluring resistance.
Psychologist explanation says, contain a lot ofadipose the food that distributes with candy, for example snack, can exciting cerebra produces cheerful material. Because of this pizza, beverage, potato piece just make a person with hot dog greediness.
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