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Does contemporary and factitious what love " depressed " ?
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This year, some enterprises " ask psychology to seek advice from division to be employee decompression " should do welfare. Popularity of this kind of abroad is old " employee helps a plan " Shenyang is arisen.
Does contemporary and factitious what love " depressed " ?
"Pressure of psychology of contemporary office worker is great, the person of 60% hopes to get psychology is helped. " the president Zhang Guochen of advisory school of a psychology says Shenyang, employee psychology arises " uncomfortable " the reason basically has 4 sides:
It is professional pressure too big.
2 it is human relation insecurity.
3 because professional property and the work that supervise system generation are listless,be.
The 4 psychological crises that are individual life. If the body owes healthy, love,disease of failure, family member, children grows burden of setback, economy is overweight etc.
Employee: Arrived the end of the year " heart be scared "
On November 10, referral center of a psychology came to Shenyang a batch of special person that seek advice, they are Shenyang 10 employee of a company.
"Do not want to go to work, carry always to what thing do not have interest, the be scared in the heart... " recently, this company Ms. Wang of 28 years old is grumpy, feel the job, life has bit of chaotic, "Press muscularity at ordinary times, keep long in stock one year, be like assemble to was about to erupt in the heart! Be like assemble to was about to erupt in the heart!!
Lin Anjun shows the controller of this company, hear a few enterprises ask south psychological advisory division is employee decompression, the company treats this as a kind of welfare, allow employee collective reduce pressure, "Introduce this welfare, let employee answer the of all kinds problem in the job and life and bewilderment better namely. Let employee answer the of all kinds problem in the job and life and bewilderment better namely..
The mental health that seeks advice from division through psychology is measured, evaluate, employee people the think of a way that speaks a heart first and be anxious, seek advice from division man-to-man with psychology again. After Ms. Liu of 52 years old seeks advice, say: "In the heart much more comfortable! "In the heart much more comfortable!!
Yang Zi of advisory division of 2 class psychology analyses the country, the end of the year, a lot of jobs, human affairs is fluctuant gather together, plus at ordinary times the scrape up of pressure, these affect the mood of employee, the collect such as panicky, lose, be agitated was become end of the year " the mood is ill " .
"Employee helps a plan " rise in Shen Xing
The author from Shenyang advisory orgnaization of 4 large and professional psychology understands, current, shenyang has 5 at least the home is larger enterprise or business the unit was made for employee " employee helps a plan " .
As we have learned, "Employee helps a plan " can mix according to different company culture employee demand subdues Wu to help surely personally, can include education of employee mental health, mental health to measure among them, evaluate, the phone seeks advice, the respect such as salon of expert face ask, psychology, round example.
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