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Beautiful girl consciousness is strange ugly abdication is shut oneself in the h
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This year Wang Dan of 24 years old is a very beautiful, fair and clear, build is carried high, play skill is well the girl of piano. A year ago, she feels suddenly oneself no longer beautiful, it is strange even ugly clinking. For this, her demit the job is not contacted with anybody, how is her change lets parents also do not know good. Yesterday, wang Dan told about a paragraph to bury the story that hides in the heart to the reporter in the home, probably this paragraph of story is her " fall ill " reason.
Become aware oneself are strange ugly extremely beautiful girl does not wish to see a person
Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to Home Wang Dan downstair, see Wang Dan is wearing a cap to stand over aloof. Before the reporter walks up, go greeting sb, she very be afraid of like low first. Wang Dan gives the first impression of the reporter, she is a beautiful girl, slender figure lets a lot of people envy.
Wang Dan's parents also is in the home, the house of her home is not big, the adornment inside house and furniture are very simple, see surroundings not rich. The reporter comes to Wang Dan's room, the house is not big, of computer and piano and house austere some are not quite suitable, can see parents is very those who be very fond of her. Wang Dan says in a low voice to the reporter, she feels she becomes suddenly very ugly, do not have any confidence to oneself. "Look, this is the photograph I am one year ago, await me in those days much more beautiful, become however now such. " what does present the Wang Dan that the reporter does not see give a photograph to go up really and she have to distinguish, she what discover exclusively is now did not have the smile in the photograph, between forehead much a few minutes sad. "Come one this year my head is very painful, so painful that I sleep to be not worn become aware. My skin also begins to remove a skin, I want to go to beauty parlour very much, but I do not have money... "
Girl confide aspirations
A short message is caused " strange disease "
One's voice in speech is very low, and a little asp still. Wang Dan related a story that produces on him body to the reporter. She says, because,the origin of all these is a short message. Last year, wang Dan does the member that receive silver in a bazaar, get along very harmoniously with work in the same placing in the job. Because of her beautiful, be gregarious, the work in the same placing on the life also very be happy to help her. Later, she leaves this bazaar to work to a bazaar. A few days are done not have to receive a short information after she leaves, who is sender king red does not know, the content of the short message is: "It is to your longing, I alone still was not changed... " Wang Dan is done not have at first regard this short message as one and the same.
After 3 months, she returns former unit to treat a fellow worker, see one is opposite before her good man student actually thin 229 jins. "What did I understand it seems that at that time, probably he sends me that short message. Resign because of me that day, he looks at me in corridor all the time. I am thinking even, did not manage because of me him he just can become so gaunt, thin so much. " because self-condemned, wang Dan begins insomnia from that day, always sleep again and again to be not worn in the time of a month.
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