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"Rubbish Morpheus " affecting teenage health
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Electron of British teenager indulge plays meaning, often sleeping the mobile phone plays in the room, hear music, play computer and electronic game, sacrificial sack time, the result damaged health.
British Morpheus board points out, this kind of Morpheus is not worth a phenomenon to be " rubbish Morpheus " (Junk Sleep) , it follows " rubbish food " (Junk Food) same, become another kind of teenage insalubrious habits and customs that lets the parent worry about.
This board is opposite 1000 12 years old to launch the discovery after investigation to 16 years old of adolescent, of 30% suffer the person that visit to sleep only everyday 4 to 7 hours, little at ideal 8 or time of 9 hours of Morpheus.
Of nearly 1/4 suffer the person that visit to say, they have every weeks more than one times is to seeing what be asleep below the TV, case that hear music or uses other electron material.
Dr. Kefusiji says the Yi benefit of Edinburgh Morpheus center, this is " rubbish Morpheus " , namely no matter Morpheus time or quality, cannot let cerebrum obtain rest adequately.
This investigation also discovers, of almost all adolescent sleep inside the room, set system of mobile phone, sound or TV set, among them of 2/3 sleep inside the room even 3 kinds of equipment have neat.
The teenager of nearly 1/5 admits, television or computer do not have concerned machine, affected their Morpheus.
In addition, the adolescent of more than 40% feels tired everyday, among them with the 15 circumstances to 16 years old of girls the most serious; But have 11% only suffer the person that visit is not worth to Morpheus time or Morpheus quality difference feels anxious.