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Postpartum and depressed need " family general mobilization "
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Postpartum body and mental state restore to concerning the health of female lifetime. Face abrupt change, although had had psychological preparation ahead of schedule, but still meet when the little life that wears to cry not know what to do; See family person divert attention to child body from him body, a kind of ineffable lose feeling also can arise spontaneously; Oneself devil figure cannot restore because of bearing temporarily... these let increasing the female that person parent is first is a little depressed.
At ordinary times sensitivity person contract postpartum and depressed disease more easily
Li Xiaoshuan of director of department of gynaecology and obstetrics of hospital of Xi'an railroad center expresses, postpartum and depressed disease happens in more postpartum 2 weeks inside, symptom of postpartum 4~6 week gradually apparent. Puerpera expression is mood depression, depressed, feeling dim, do not wish to communicate with the person, produce estrangement with the husband even. Some puerperas lack confidence to the family, shed those who show opposite work to be tired of, appetite drops apparently, possible still companion has dizziness, have a headache, the heartbeat is accelerated, breath increases, constipation, unresponsive to the thing, attention is not easy the symptom such as concentration. Serious person obstacle of meeting occurrence thinking, appear likely even to commit suicide or harm the child's behavior.
Shi Wanggong of psychological staff room of the 4th Military Medical University teachs an analysis, at ordinary times the female with sensitivity, perfect pursuit compares incidental postpartum and depressed disease. In addition, the scar that childbirth brings, take care of a new student overworked, can cause postpartum and depressed disease. If female at ordinary times Morpheus is normal, the symptom such as postpartum occurrence insomnia, angst, the family member should add an attention more all round.
Undertake with care psychology nurses
Apply a professor to express, postpartum and depressed disease is a kind of depressed syndrome that is not mental sex, general situation does not need to medication. Spend puerperium to ensure female safety, have effective mother milk raise, family must undertake be caressinged wholeheartedly to depressed puerpera, create easy environment. The puerpera has experienced labor pains, childbirth, physical strength and energy are used up tremendous, the breathing space with postpartum sufficient need. Postpartum it is the period with puerpera stable least of all psychosis, all sorts of spirit stimulation are stimulated easily offend, especially sensitive issue, for instance bodily form of infantile sexual distinction, puerpera restores a state to wait, answer to avoid as far as possible.
Next, help puerpera agrees with maternal part, do the propaganda and education of feed of good mother milk. Person parent is first, raise the child to how be being fed, the act that how understands darling correctly often feels difficult, at this moment family should communicate actively with the puerpera, the think of a way that listens them and experience, active care, encourage them, church they nurse the child's knowledge and skill. Make its establish confidence from mentally, eliminate depressed mental state, feel oneself the position in the society, the place in family memory is reached in the family.
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