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What to take to save our love!
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(the case below gives below the premise that asks for so that party agrees publish, all full names in article are alias)
-- Liu Jianhua of director of referral center of psychology of Hangzhou clever dwell

Small quick on the sofa that sits in psychological referral center, helpless gangmaster is buried in the hand. Be here only, she just can loosen herself all the time the nerve of take up, let him drain give the mixed feeling that that angst, painful, resentment interweaves together to suffer. Small quick it is a reason and firm girl, the mood when the sentiment that although be in,faces that to make his extremely painful in seek advice will be more excited, but do not let oneself strongly weep easily.
"I am not clear really, feeling of 6 years, I am caressing this one love carefully, but in the end he however so fell in love with others easily " her voice is somber and heavy, "I was done for him so much, he has not loved me one sentence us feeling of 6 years abandoned easily, I after all where err, can you let me assume such result unexpectedly? Can you let me assume such result unexpectedly??
Small quick with male friend the classmate that is an university, from the university 3 grade begin to be in love with him, be in after graduation same the city works and live together all the time up to now. A few years in the begining 2 people are together or just was full of romance and passion, but mutual later between begin to have more contradiction slowly however, begin to cannot find the sense that then so the portion loves gradually. The eye is seeing the age that had reached to need refer marriage, feeling however take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, male friend fell in love with others and Xiang Xiaojing puts forward to part company, small static cannot accept this blow, be in finally of the friend persuade next walking into psychological referral center.
Pony and small quick different, with love male friend of 3 years was on red carpet finally, but half an year is less than after marriage two people begin to quarrel, the husband in pony eye becomes let oneself be known not quite a bit, and in marital mouth, the pony also became a woman that does not know understanding man. Two individual classics regular meeting quarrel for a few bagatelle, divorce in the brawl that these 2 words had appeared in 2 people for many times. The pony is not clear, why conjugal love of favour of before marriage 2 people loves, marry to change completely appearance? Think oneself did not change what ah, seem to also say not to come out to have the place of what err, so the grievance of pony bellyful.
Where does love go to?
Do psychology to seek advice in me these in year, similar what such circumstance encounters is OK saying is without number. In the incident that perplexes in love, this kind of incident occupies 1/4 above about. Emotional suffering, be just as the sea really border of boundless and indistinct immensity.
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