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Mom, let me had been brought up?
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(the case that thanks my person that call in to let me use them, all full names in article are alias)

In advisory room classics regular meeting encounters the child that was not brought up, although already year full above of 18 one full year of life, but still be a child that was not brought up completely, according to adherent parents, cannot leave parents out and out on one hand, what struggle with parents again on one hand is very intense.
The child was not brought up have a lot of reasons, oneself are not willing to be brought up, because had been used to not grown advantage; But in a lot of moment, not be him however (she) people do not want to be brought up, however parents does not want innocently to let him of purpose (she) grown, perhaps saying is parents in cloggy child grown. And it is with the mother again in parents very.
Small Li is already tall the girl of 3, doing for the university entrance exam in everybody when going all out in work finally, small Li is not willing to read again in the school however.
Worried mother exhausted all sorts of methods and method, do not have a law to must use a daughter half minutes besides anyhow however. Small Li says a little while is study pressure is too great, saying a little while is classmates bad to her, say discover in the school a lot of classmates are speaking ill of him again a little while again, reason used a string big, the purpose has only: Do not want to read.
Because there is a few in the narrate of small Li " cranky " thing, mother fears the spirit of small Li can give an issue, but the mental division examination that is in a few hospitals comes down, eliminated small Li the possibility of invigorative problem. The problem that can be small Li as before, and still developed not to let mom leave his later the degree of one pace, poor mother has only day and night for company daughter, the daughter is in the home everything is good, but want to speak of to read only, all problems appear again.
The small Li that appears before advisory division is a girl that graceful graceful jade establishs, can have seen small Li be opposite to maternal dependence and mother in the communication of anteroom and this pair of mother and daughter the daughter's make much of, although the daughter feels was being heated up also is a mother,the side is worn appearance, and father just sits in one horn speechless.
After entering advisory room together when 3 people, the interactive relationship of this family appears clearly before advisory division. Mom always is helping daughter query inscribe, also helping a daughter answer a question, complement always is had by the mom of too impatient to wait after the daughter says a few words every time, and ground eye always can can't help to visit a mother when the daughter is talking every time, seem the permission that should receive a mother and self-identity. But the self-identity that mom's word also won't get a daughter, two people are met for some thing some sentence word and loud before advisory division controversy, the voice that becomes mother is crushing daughter when, small Li begins to get angry, keep a straight face even not throat. But at that time father looks from beginning to end however resemble an outsider same, be in half hours in seeking advice first, he had subliminal ground a few times to close an eye unexpectedly, resembling is the repose that close eye same, but resembling again is to cannot bear see this pair of circumstance before.
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