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The man of for the gender affection
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(the case that thanks my person that call in to let me use them, all full names in article are alias)

Say the man is for the gender sex, be like man and the purpose that the woman interacts is to make love with the woman, and still interact to make love only. If be really such, the man of a lot of for the gender sexes also won't have what bewilderment and trouble, because his purpose is very clear, and achieve easily also. There are all sorts of affection troubles in the man of the room however, have one the part is a gender and the man of affection has a characteristic most.
Chen Ming is the white-collar of a big company, the job of the appearance that be smart and good-paying, it is the type of white horse prince in female eye all the time. But become,sighing all the time however, the greatest tangle that he tells me and trouble are: How won't I love?
The belle is short of all the time beside Chen Ming. Chen Ming very tell me explicitly, he and the purpose that the girl interacts are for the gender, it is for with these girl go to bed. But he cannot let the girl know his destination again, because this is in,he lets himself show the emotion to them hard, still can do so that have appeal more than general boy occasionally. Chen Ming can behave every time to must show consideration for very much and care a person, that strong feeling the advantage plus his oneself enough touchs each girl. But only Chen Ming knows in one individual heart, he such purpose is for merely with these girl go to bed, those his alleged love and affection are a beautiful jacket only, it is he puzzles the girl's mask just. such " love " , each girlfriend, go to bed, handy. Chen Ming passes chicly comfortable, feel just like a fish in water, him feeling has the woman that does not love, the love that does not make, occasionally he himself also meets a person laugh of on the sly, those who laugh at oneself is successful.
Gradually, chen Ming also arrived to talk about the age that marriage talking marries, he also wants to make his static issue a heart to look for a girl to enter marriage together well. But Chen Ming him discovery entered an affective,blame a group. He thinks the girl that takes a fancy to with oneself talks about love sincerely, but had sexual relationship with these girls every time later, at the outset the strongest passion and actuation metropolis vanish completely, facing beautiful girl, how can no more he also love to rise, although this girl once let him how,move heart become enamoured for it unceasingly, final result is to had gone up the bed parts company namely. , 2, 3... N. Chen Ming has wanted to let his not with girl go to bed, will maintain oneself with this the love to the girl, but the heart thinks all way uncontrollably however,want with girl go to bed, can want one go to bed only, 2 people are finished for certain.
Such result lets Chen Ming begin to fear, he suspects his psychology gave serious problem. He does not want to go down so all the time after oneself, he fears he cannot find wife, without oneself marriage, more serious is, he fears the ability that oneself had lost true love.
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