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Cast off go and now
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The person that appeal: In the past, very small when, parents inspects me to be treasure, especially mother, it is doting very I. Get angry occasionally beat and scold my mother, she or face bring a smile. And my mother is being worn in the home very optional. Though divide bed early, but of the mother let me be in at will elementary school has bit of peculiar feeling when 34 grade. Read in me first temporarily, I began to be not controlled from already, often masturbate. Return occasionally secretly go exploring asleep mother and little sister. The sort of insecurity and excitement allow my for a long time cannot dismiss from one's mind, have so was discovered 9 times by the mother. But she was not blamed too much. So of the again and again go exploring, though did not transcend a bottom line, but after the event the sort of regretting is special anguish. I arrived first 3, begin a bit neurasthenic, one up-to-date.
After beginning sexual life from me, I try mother and little sister secretly rarely again. Sexual life begins from second year in high school, tall 3 do not have such circumstance probably. Marry to me all the time, my wife is the sort of resign oneself to adversity, at every turn can be borne. Though our sexual life is very good, but I always feel insufficient to stimulate. What appearance is when often imagining the wife that loves me greatly and others to make love, still be so excited. When making love so, I often also say such some of word, bring about want to be changed with others very much now wife. When with me wife makes love, I say to want to let a few men do her to say now, her appearance tells me, she is very excited. It how don't I know to run ability is good that don't I know to run ability?
How can be I just cast off go and now?

Advisory division analyses: The problem of the person that appeal is involved incestuous indulge with the gender, his anguish was depressed, withheld exciting excitement only. Show after grown adult special " randy " of the intent that reach a gender increase. But depressive not complete success, for physiology pleasure, his heart should cancel a past event extremely contradictorily. Now, inner conflict is more intense because of the expression with wife excited sex, he is faced with again " change wife " actuation, know such doing immoral, very painful. Actually this kind of anguish is the continuance of incestuous anguish. Had solved incestuous anguish, "Change wife " actuation nature can be appeased.
Treatment of electrical shock behavior is a kind of penalty, the likelihood is OK because of condonable and appease incestuous painful, strengthen possibly also instead incestuous painful -- because tip-and-run meaning is " you committed a crime really! So report you! " , its effect is suspectable.
Cognitive therapeutics probably better:
1, you are green and actuation, very curious to the gender, explore so the opposite sex mother beside and little sister, illuminative education brings about this, not be your fault, should excuse oneself;
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