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What to take to save our marriage!
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-- , Liu Jianhua of director of referral center of psychology of Hangzhou clever dwell

(the case below gives below the premise that asks for so that party agrees publish, all full names in article are alias)

One, need manages marriage

Li Min and husband are the classmate when the university, be in big 3 when begin have a love affair, 2 people are homocentric after the job with force, hit hard together go all out, had not easily very much now such situation, the husband had his company, the business also flourishing, and because Li Min wants to take care of his child, after stability is being entered to move in the company basic and full-time take care of the home in. The day is lived every day so, just began everything to resemble previously in that way, husband and wife still is conjugal love, the family is happy still, the child is congenial still. Just slowly Li Min found a few change, the husband and oneself communication is less and less, working time is longer and longer also, come home later and later also, the tender feeling of 2 people is weaker and weaker also, connect sexual life even more and more perfunctory. But the husband is done not have outside indulge in dissipation, also did not have money to look for lover concubinage in that way like other man, but 2 people before the feeling also searchs to be not answered again however. For this, li Min tries to had been communicated with the husband, but the husband a word her choke come back: "This does not pass quite well, how do you still think? " from now on, brawl began to enter this family, and it is for the bagatelle of little trifles, and basic it is the fire that Li Min opens first, the divorce also has begun to often appear in the mouth of 2 people, be the person outside still thinks conjugal love of two husband and wife is worn all the time only.
Beginning before a few times when seek advice, why is Li Min met to this feeling and marriage all the time cannot understand, think oneself had done everything what a woman and wife should do, a joint efforts starts a career, be in the home for the crystallization intention ground of love child of be pregnant with of systemic a person's mind, take care of the life daily life of good man, also do not gesticulate since looking after children in the home to marital career, a lot of moment two people all the time very flat life is worn. Li Min is right also such life for a time very contented, feel to be able to enjoy the life well at long last, the effort previously and pay had get one's own back. What but let her,cannot think of is marriage meets this unexpectedly one pace. In seeking advice first, is a word that she says at most " why can our marriage become such? Is a word that she says at most " why can our marriage become such??
In first time in seeking advice, advisory division did not discuss the matter of her marriage and her bewilderment with her directly, be not commonly used a person's mind to listening attentively to her to be opposite however of him love, marriage narrate, the hardships when listening attentively to she and husband to start a career together and suffering are happy, the grievance that goes sincerely experiencing her, painful, indignant, lose and perplexed mood. When what be being surrounded by this kind of mood, the individual is being done in her is very difficult go having depth with her communicate, because at this moment she is actually be being controlled by oneself mood place. Just seek advice in this when be about to end, advisory division served as the ending that seeks advice first with that her inquiry: "Why can your marriage become now such? "Why can your marriage become now such??
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