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Marriage hind is silent disease
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Silent, as evening dress, in appropriate time, appropriate occasion, can let a person feel comfortable, and deserve appreciation, however, lost the environmental " with special " , become let a person cannot be accepted, can't help letting a person recall Zhang Ailing's version- - one climbs full pedicular China gown.
Especially after a lot of people marry, become suddenly tacit, chat with the spouse rarely, book of one first wedding anniversary became him it seems that (she) a paper strip for sealing on mouth, nevering mention it is honey-tongued, want to look for a topic to talk namely so hard. Right now silent, it is to be about to say what still rest to make a person be fond of cherish no longer, however a kind can " of stifling " cold force. And looking those who be like peace is silent under, be communicated as a result of lack and solve a problem in time, " of a lot of bagatelle of " sesame seed become " accumulated rancor long already " , pinpoint the ground turned " time bomb into " like big contradictory snowball.

Silent be what cannot bear is static
Actually " Tan Lian loves " these 3 words, extremely apt, the men and women in love, always have the word that does not say, "Talk about " , love next, love next, it is to have it seems that early or late sequential. In indrawn person, also can open his mind before beloved person, open radio receiving set, the purpose has only, convey oneself, let understanding of the other side. Consider to discover, a lot of people think, once become husband and wife, be oneself person, he loves me, I love her, perfectly justified, why do its speak out or else be disgusted with irritatedly? As husband and wife, he should do his thing, earn money raise the home; She also should use up this her portion, photograph husband Yo child, two people were not necessary hypocritically ground polite formula of what... this is the manner that at present a few husband and wife treat emotional communication place to hold. Control in this kind of idea below, the gate of stride marriage, what the change of the identity brings above all is psychological change, one of its expression are thousands of words acute decreases in a few words, word phrase, final and silent not language. After marriage silent it is heavy even of deep feeling of grief, a lot of simple questions become complex for this.

Case one: Silent did not love namely? (the character that appears in the following case is alias)
Ning Xin, 29 years old
Actually I also am not to feel to do not have a word to say, feel however not necessary say so much. Daylong job I had been about exhausted, come home to want to rest well only later, need is quiet, true, turn otherwise day of my meeting is very sad. Occasionally the gentleman asks me how, the job is not happy, but I am not willing to let him partake again really my " rubbish " , want the job anyway anyhow, always want to live. Most fear a kin friend comes in the home of what, I am dealt with particularly tired outly, the gentleman after occasionally the guest goes can blame me, I feel special to subdue. Actually I am a tacitter person all the time, after marrying, I feel the gentleman knows me, a lot of things are done not have necessary go explaining again, however, still be no good.
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