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Should become to his love depend on
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● the sweetheart that he is her first love. Who knows newly-married honeymoon, he exposed a paragraph of breathtaking personal relationship, still reached area of pregnant " cummer " before her.
● is good end its processing not easily, she what do not have divorce concept at all decides to excuse everything. In the hardships life of stone library door, two people often quarrel create barrier, but she is unthinkable from beginning to end how should the time that leaves him pass.
● is the closest, she discovers how the off the rails disturbance year ago repeated again! She is enraged so that quiver, but his entreat the love that called her heart again...
Xiaobai grows very beautifully, dress up very fashionably also, grow directly long " big wave " add charm fully. She takes out the photograph of her husband to look to me, the person on photo grows is very common. But those who want to be less than is, in her marriage, the common man of this beautiful wife however time and again off the rails. Small white forced smile is worn say, marriage of 12 years begins her to shedding a tear to come over namely from honeymoon, do not know oneself had been been used to excuse and depend on.
Honeymoon, the husband and cummer leave
I had talked about love 36 this years only, allow to go with my husband namely. He is classmate of my junior high school, I take the 2nd, he takes the 3rd, in one's childhood, what does he often ask pen of my ask for an advance on one's pay, I also had wanted to play the elastic on Pi Gong to him, sometimes everybody also can jeer say a pair to we are. We who is not noisy, look secretly only, it is sweet however in the heart.
The job goes after his junior high school graduates, I read as before, but he can see me, we also can correspond. He invites me to play later, I was taken his home, his parents also likes me quite it seems that, regarding me as naturally is prospective daughter-in-law.
Beginning him is very good really to me, no matter where go to, always do not forget what to take to me. Everything original is so melting, when I remember kissing me for the first time when him, I cried. I do not forget the happiness that first love brings to me all the time, I in those days am very happy and happy.
My graduation took factory job later, but because do not have the age of marry at a mature age that advocates to the unit, we cannot marry, when when marrying formally with him, I and he already love 8 years. Love 8 years, can marry oneself beloved person eventually, this is I look forward to long already affair, titus is fastened in my heart glad. Myself always is representing our future in the heart, accompany with him old, with lifetime of his conjugal love.
Xiaobai laughs undemonstratively, say to still remember marrying up to now the handgrip that he grasped her that day she receives the circumstance that give from a married woman's parents' home. If say previous I am borne to hers feel some are mysterious, but speak of here, I understood this sentiment gradually the importance to her.
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