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The battle of the heart demon of player of Olympic Games gold
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Mom visits a daughter, always be wrong not.
On opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, lin Miaoke of 9 years old of girls stands all over the world before the look, easy Gao Ge " vocal motherland " . Lin Miaoke's mom says later, daughter psychology quality is very good, "Occasion jumps over excitement greatly more. "Occasion jumps over excitement greatly more..
After Guo Wen珺 carries off the woman enrages handgun gold 10 meters, her mom also sums up say: Champion comes from stable state of mind. In fact, the autograph of Guo article 珺 on QQ is " state of mind just is good really very. The autograph of Guo article 珺 on QQ is " state of mind just is good really very..
"State of mind " the hot word that became match of Beijing Olympic Games to begin two days to come, chinese player has so that have break, all concern with state of mind. It is together advocate fight, some play are wrong, some surpasses horizontal play however, for example Beijing boy Zhang Lin, develop in Athens wrong, can realize China however in door mouth however the man swims historic breakthrough.
How can you just have good intention state? Village has told a bow-backed old people to catch the story of cicada, with the network can say for the language " history on the most arrogant state of mind " . This old man uses cicada of bamboo pole sticky summer, be just as conveniently to take. Ask its recipe, the old man answers: Besides skill comes from practice, the heart is used even when catching cicada concentrated, "Be like withered wood personally, the arm is like deadwood. Of the big, everythings on earth of heaven and earth, cicada's wings sees only in the eye. " the child without human affairs, the old person has gone through vicissitudes of life, often can reach the big state of good intention condition. And for the most person in thing word of mortals to billow, "Cicada's wings sees only in the eye " , not be an easy thing.
So, at all times and in all over the world, the person follows " heart demon " fight, the story that pursues interior calm, can be found everywhere, have great and brave victory, the failure of more sigh making a person.
Accordingly, the occurrence of modern psychology, be known as " save the soul " science. After introducing contemporary west psychology China first from regnal 1907 dimension, although a few practical psychological workses are very popular, but most compatriots is not comprehensive to psychological understanding, have not regard its as a scientific look upon. Till plain of short of Wenshui River is big after the earthquake, the psychological support with the largest scale of Chinese throughout history spreads out quickly, the Chinese had brand-new knowledge to psychology.
Regretful is, be in " scientific training " the Chinese sporting world that already became consensus, not was in " whether does scientific training include athletic psychology " the respect forms consensus.
Go up international contest is developed wrong " training player " phenomenon, will perplexing Chinese sporting world all the time for years. How to adjust the state of mind of battle of the insecurity before athlete contest, cowardly, do not have the scientific method of effective, more relies on an athlete to give the nerve of a suit adamancy to come in go through the mill of the ego in brutal competition, ego adjustment.
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