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Worry is recounted to the robot
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In actual life, the National People's Congress that contracts intentional manage disease does not wish to see psychological doctor more. Investigate its reason, basically be to worry about individual privacy to cannot get safeguard. As psychologist of on the world first online advisory robot -- " mental adviser " come out, already many 1600 patient tried this service, among them the person of 47% shows satisfied to seeking advice from a result first.
Burgeoning psychology says
Alleged drive adviser, it is the psychologist that program of two perfectness nerve languages learns Holand Yapu Huolande Wei Enbei of the · in He Jiefu hertz research and development.
Nerve language program learns is a burgeoning psychological doctrine, it thinks the mankind develop from a foregone thinking mode and all behavior come. When this mode benefits another person, can be duplicated; And when the life quality that restricted someone when it, can be changed and redesign. This doctrine is the psychological foundation of basis of place of mental adviser design.
The working program of mental adviser
When mental adviser works, turn around enter a chatting order that the name is Chatterbots first. This program is to undertake with the person article or sound speak pursueing special design. At the same time this program still introduced other psychotherapy and electronic measure, so that the robot can learn the patient's information, pay all image the answer. Because used these knowledge and method,be, every question that mental adviser raises to every patient, not be simple ground goes searching a database, however do one's best adopts extraordinary psychological measure, find first-rate means of settlement. It can raise the complex question that themselves did not realize to the patient even, analyse their feeling and idea, show a few picture to the patient for example, help them search the deep-seated account of oneself problem, for the way with their right demonstrate. These jobs can be finished inside a hour normally.
Can the robot solve psychological problem really
The architect's answer is affirmative, because pass a dialog to produce the satisfactory rate of 47% merely, any psychologist cannot achieve this. Satisfactory rate so tall, because mental adviser is not,be inscribe through searching for answer list to answer question back and forth, guide him patient to seek the solution gradually however. Psychological research proves, the proposal that the means of settlement that oneself find can offer than other is more significant. Because this helps a patient find the way that solves a problem, it is the method with remedial psychology the most effective disease.
According to introducing, the psychological problem that mental adviser can solve at present includes mood insecurity, family contradictory, lose life of motivation, suspicion, insomnia, gregarious obstacle to wait. But it waits for serious mental illness to suffer from to disease of gloomy of schizophrenia, impetuous and drug taking still helpless. Article choosing makes up: Shu Liumin Lin Zi seeks advice, let each life if spend,be opened.
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